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CoP on DeafBlindness Launch Announcement – June 27, 2018

INLB (Institute Nazareth and Louis-Braille) respectively the CISSS facilities of the Montérégie and DeafBlind Ontario Services today announce the launch of collaborative partnership on Community of Practice on Deafblindness. The Community of Practice (COP) on Deafblindness was born out of an innovative project to support the program stakeholders in deafblindness (Institute Nazareth and Louis-Braille – Institute Raymond Dewar), in 2016. DeafBlind Ontario Services joins the CoP on Deafblindness in 2018 to collaborate for an English version of the platform. The Community of Practice on DeafBlindness will support its members to build capacity of professionals and practitioners in supporting individuals with deafblindness and age-related dual sensory loss. It brings together around this platform the various actors in deafblindness who share and co-construct knowledge and practices and interact to maintain and develop rehabilitation expertise.

To launch the collaborative initiative, INLB is organizing a research presentation by Walter Wittich on June 27, 2018.